Reasons Why You Should Provide The Best Dog Food For Weight Loss For Your Canine Companion

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Obesity is a serious problem in dogs. You will be surprised to know that in the US, more than half of domesticated dogs are obese, which means 50% of the total dog population!

If your canine friend is gaining weight fast or has become obese, there is no question that he is susceptible to developing numerous health disorders. For example, he stands a high chance of developing cardiovascular complications, respiratory problems, diabetes, arthritis and even symptoms of bladder cancer.

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The excess weight of your dog can reduce his stamina. It won’t go out on walks with you and can also become depressed. This is why it is so important to provide your dog the best canned dog food for weight loss.

The Causes Of Weight Gain

Increased fat percentage in your dog’s body can lead to it becoming obese. Obesity is traditionally caused by overeating and no exercise. However, there are plenty of other factors that can lead to weight gain, such as:

Old Age

As dogs age, the less active they become. They have reduced energy and lowers stamina. Your dog will start eating more at this point and burn fewer calories. This is why start feeding him weight loss dog foods.

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Dog Breed

Some dog breeds are more susceptible to becoming overweight. Labradors and Cocker breeds are amongst a few such breeds.

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Neutering The Dog

According to scientific research, it was identified that after dogs are spayed or neutered, their metabolic rates drop, which means your dog stops requiring a lot of calories. This is where you should start feeding it the best dry dog food for weight loss.

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Health Complications

On a few rare occasions, your canine companion can start putting on a lot of weight as result of an underlying medical complication that requires special medical treatment.

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Dogs with unmonitored and unmetered access to food will put on a lot of weight. On top of that, commercial canned dog food contains ingredients that can get your pooch fat. This includes salts and fats. Salts and fats are used to enhance the taste of the food, which will undoubtedly lead to overeating.

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Feeding Routine

Feeding your dog human food, or scrapes off the dinner table on a regular basis can also make it fat.

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If your dog isn't getting a lot of exercise and is gorging through food like there is no tomorrow, you could be absolutely certain, he will start to put on weight.

Signs Of Obesity In Your Dog

Every dog is different in size and shape and has an optimal body mass index. This is where it is important to consult with a professional veterinarian who will be able to tell you how much your dog should ideally weigh.

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He will also be able to show you where to look for sign of weight gain in dogs and how to monitor their weight gain. In light of this, mentioned below are some key points that you should look at if you suspect your dog is gaining weight:

  • If you can’t feel the dog’s ribs when you run your hands through his side, he is gaining a lot of fat
  • When you can no longer see his waist
  • ​When you have to loosen his collar
  • ​When you see your dog is experiencing difficulty walking
  • ​Sluggish/lazy movements
  • Mood swings
  • ​Shortness of breath
  • Long sleep hours

What Is The Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

Although there is no shortage of dog food for weight loss in the market, it is vital to understand that not all weight loss dog foods suit every dog. Food that come with labels, such as ‘Best Diet’, ‘Diet’, ‘Lite’ or ‘Minimal Calories’, aren't usually what you should select to help your dog lose weight. Why?

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Well, that is mainly because a majority of these commercial dog foods are laced with carbohydrates, ingredients that are non-digestible and ingredients that won’t leave your dog feeling fuller for longer.

This means your dog will be constantly be begging for more food, which you will never be able to resist. And that is what will begin a non-stop cycle of irregular eating habits for the dog and he will begin to put on weight.

The Importance Of A High Protein Diet For Weight Loss

This is where you will have to put a stop on commercial dog food and switch to the best canned dog food for weight loss that contains balanced protein content along with the necessary nutrients required to keep your dog strong and focused. Here are some reasons you should immediately put your obese or potentially obese dog on a high protein diet:

  • A high protein diet will help your dog's satiety levels, which means he won't be asking for more food, making it simple to stick to the usual diet routine
  • High protein diets can provide your canine companion the ability to fight muscle loss, which is what happens when you will put him on a diet. On a diet, his body will begin to burn both fat and muscle for energy. This is why giving him the best canned dog for weight loss will help him maintain his muscle mass.
  • Low fat dog food that contains natural sources of protein, such as legumes and eggs, can also increase your dog's fiber levels. Fiber keeps your dog full till the next proper meal.
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Bottom Line

All in all, nothing is more important than the well-being of your dog. If he is getting fat, immediately starting providing him with the best dog food for weight loss.

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